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DEWALT DCK590L2 5-Tool Combo Kit Is A Powerful Tool Group

Dewalt power tools have a stellar reputation for quality around the world.

When it comes down to power tools, Dewalt is a trade name that certainly emerges from the crowd around the world. So if you’re trying to find the very best of the very best, we would advise choosing Dewalt for notable good reasons. Mind you, this doesn’t indicate other brand names aren’t good, it just means when we see items by Dewalt, we know that it is constructed from superior quality materials that will endure for many years ahead.

In this particular case, we explored the DEWALT DCK590L2 5-Tool Combo Kit and must say, we really like what we read about it. In fact, we liked it so much that we decided to inform you about it.

With respect to the DEWALT DCK590L2 5-Tool Combo Kit

Surely you’re curious about the 5 tools that are featured in this package, right? With this kit, the five tools consist of an impact driver, LED work light, hammerdrill, circular saw, and a reciprocating saw. You will likewise get your hands on a handy tool bag to support everything. It includes a charger and 2 20V batteries. With the name “Dewalt,” you definitely know you’re purchasing some pretty good tools.

Dewalt 5tool kit

The Tools            

Now, it’s time to have an even more detailed look at the five tools that come with this kit
Reciprocating Saw– We ought to confess, we were a bit shocked to learn this kit included a reciprocating saw (we’ve been needing to get one of those). This reciprocating saw is kind of cool because it has a keyless blade clamp. This guarantees you will manage to replace the blades in no time, without needing to struggle with it.

Hammerdrill– The hammerdrill is another handy tool that you may have to have around your house every now and then. It has 3 speeds together with a 1/2″ chuck that is self-tightening.

LED Work Light– When you’re trying to mend something and you need more light, this LED work light will come in handy. It is capable of delivering 110 lumens of light, so in any improperly lit areas, you will manage to see.

The 20V Max Impact Driver– the impact driver’s robust motor delivers 2,800 RPM—up to 43 percent faster than current impact drivers on the market. It’s one-handed loading 1/4-inch hex chuck accepts and holds 1-inch bit tips for convenient fastening.

Circular Saw– The circular saw you pretty much know is going to be really good. It is capable of cutting 2x4s at a 45-degree angle, without having to hassle with it. This is due to the 7 1/2″ carbide blade.

Final thoughts about this Dewalt Tool Kit

So since you have checked out the DEWALT DCK590L2 5-Tool Combo Kit, what do you think of it. In our opinion, we feel this would be a suitable choice if you are in need of some of these tools and it certainly does beat going out and shopping for all 5 of the tools one by one. The hammerdrill has a self-tightening chuck, which implies you don’t have to bother with making the effort to re-tighten it while you’re working. The kit also features 90-day money-back guarantee and there’s a three-year limited warranty backed up behind it, so actually, you don’t have anything to worry about.

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