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Safety Tips for the Proper Use of Yard String Trimmers

safety tips for the proper use of yard string trimmers

Safety tips for the proper use of yard string trimmers go beyond just putting on some safety gear. 

When you own a yard string trimmer, it is a good idea to invest in some safety equipment. You will not know when an accident could occur so it is good to be prepared. You should always keep an eye on your family and children while using any product that can potentially harm them. Here are a few Safe Use of Yard String Trimmers Safety Tips to follow.

It is important that you have all the safety features on a string trimmer that you can think of. If you do not have one of these, you may find yourself in trouble. Always read the safety instructions for the model of string trimmer that you own before you start operating it. The manufacturers of these products understand that they can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Always remember to fully charge your string trimmer before using it. That will give you the most power and will let you finish the job without having to wait for recharging the battery. If you are going to use it for the first time, you should practice with it for about twenty minutes before you start using it in any larger areas. Battery-powered trimmers are quite powerful and are capable of causing serious injury if used improperly.

Always make sure that you clean your yard string trimmers after every use. There is no sense in keeping something so useful around the house and not being able to use it safely. These trimmers collect a lot of dirt and grass debris during the trimming procedure especially if the grass tends to be a little damp. You should remove all of the caked-on grass and make sure to keep the motor vents free from debris so it does not overheat. Wipe all of the surfaces off with a damp cloth including the string holder and associated areas.

Research and find the proper type and size of string trimmer for your particular yard work.

Most people with yards that have trees, flower beds, sidewalk areas, driveways, or other areas where the mower can’t completely trim can make use of a string trimmer. They come in all types of sizes and power ranges. There are gas-powered string trimmers but unless you have a very large area to trim they usually are not necessary for the average homeowner. There are battery-powered trimmers that can do most jobs just fine. In fact, some people actually prefer to use rechargeable battery-powered trimmers because they are much quieter and typically weigh much less than a gas-powered trimmer. They also get rid of the cost of gasoline and oil and are much less messy. 

safety tips for the proper use of yard string trimmers

Rechargeable battery-powered string trimmers are the perfect choice for anyone that wants to keep their yard looking nice and manicured. The batteries for many of them charge quite rapidly today and that beats having to be mixing gas and oil and pouring it into your trimmer. Always wear safety glasses or goggles when using a trimmer. It is also a good idea to wear gloves for hand protection. Make sure there are no people near the areas where you are trimming because these devices can propel rocks and other debris at great speeds which can cause serious injury.

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