Power Leaf Blowers – What You Need To Know To Buy The Right One For Your Lawn

power leaf blower

Power leaf blowers are a great tool to have around your house because of the variety of jobs they can do for you.

Power Leaf Blowers are one of the most efficient and reliable tools used for yard work and landscaping, whether done on a large scale or by individuals. There are numerous types of leaf blowers with many different sizes and power sources available, but all use an impeller or centrifugal pump for moving air through blades. Power leaf blowers come in different power types and power ratings. Here is a brief outline of power leaf blowers main categories:

Electric leaf blowers are one of the most popular power machines for landscaping yards and lawn care. The main benefit of these machines is that they do not require any fuel such as gas. Also, most models are very compact and easy to store, making them a perfect addition to a home or garage.

power leaf blower

Electric power leaf blowers use either an electrical cord hook up or batteries to power the motor, which also makes them more efficient than gasoline-powered models. Many people prefer the battery-powered blowers simply because they are more convenient to use because you are not tied to a cord. However, depending on how big the job is, you may need more than one battery to complete the job.

Gas-powered leaf blowers are the most widely purchased type of power leaf blowers for commercial yard care companies. Many times they will be doing large jobs or multiple jobs and they need to be able to just refuel and not have to wait for recharging of batteries. A downside to gas-powered leaf blowers is that they require gas, and they emit toxic fumes into the air.

gas powered leaf blower

Advise the salespeople who sell these power leaf blowers and let them help you determine what might be the best power leaf blower for your needs.

In order to be sure that you are purchasing a power blower that is powerful enough for your needs, you should consult with the salesperson where you are purchasing the item and give him information about what you will use it for. They can then help you decide which type and size of tool will work best for your particular needs.

There are many different brands of power leaf blowers to choose from, but you want to stick with well-known names for service and parts availability. Look for a power blower that is able to provide at least 300 watts of power. Although this may not be a huge amount of power, it will be enough to easily handle most lawn projects.

Leaf blower accessories and safety gear

Some leaf blowers come with a bag attachment and the blower motor can be reversed and act like a vacuum. It then vacuums the leaves into the system and shreds them before depositing them into the bag. Just like some other lawn power tools, you should consider wearing safety glasses or goggles to keep debris out of your eyes. Gloves can be a useful item as well for those who want to prevent blisters or just stay a little cleaner.

leaf blower with vacuum attachment

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