A Resource Guide to Home Improvements for Older Houses

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An old house has a certain charm to it, thanks to its traditional architecture and lengthy history.                           However, if you own an older property, you also have to put extra effort and money into maintaining it.                 The right home improvements will help ensure your place remains comfortable and functional and can help   protect the property value.

This resource guide provides tips and tools regarding worthwhile home improvements.

 Tackle Issues Impeding Functionality First

 Start with the basics.

●     Plumbing problems are common in older properties. Hire a pro to tackle common issues like corroded           pipes and outdated fixtures to improve efficiency.

●     Older homes often lack insulation. Make fresh insulation installation a priority for your old home                     renovations, as it can enhance comfort and cut HVAC costs.

●     Family Handyman notes you can also decrease expenses by adding a new HVAC system to your to-do             list of home renovations. This is a job best left to an expert, not a DIY task.

 Boost Property Value with Modern Upgrades Next

 With the essentials taken care of, you can tackle the “nice to have” points on your remodeling checklist.

●     Consider giving your house a more modern look by embracing open concept floor plans

        that remain popular among buyers.

●     Invest in appliances that enhance resale value, like stoves, refrigerators, and low-energy washing                     machines.

●     Give the interior rooms a fresh coat of paint, focusing on hues that sell well, like neutral white and off-           whites.

●     As you make improvements, keep receipts. Redfin explains that if you sell your home,

       you can use these to show the investment you’ve made and boost value.

 Finish Off with Necessary Exterior Upgrades

 Your home’s exterior plays a big part in its curb appeal.

●     Clean up your house’s siding and get it sparkling using a hose and power washer.

●     Prioritize perennials in your garden, so you’ll have flowers blooming all year round.

●     Establish a thriving lawn with a regular routine of mowing, watering, and fertilizing.

●     Invest in your landscaping by getting the right outdoor power tools to maintain a well-manicured lawn.

       Top Outdoor Tools has tips on what you need.

 An old house can be a beautiful asset—if it’s well maintained. Giving your property some tender loving care will ensure it’s looking its best. The above guide provides some resources to help guide the way.

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